Story of my mascara

Diary of a mascara lover:

Quotes say, ‘Get yourself a man who will ruin your lipstick but not the mascara’. M stands for mascara and mascara stands for magic. Having a man who ruins mascara is not always a curse. You should not regret the things that once made you happier and your eyes darker!
I was almost seventeen at that time. While my friends were still busy with winged eyeliner, I associated myself with mascara for the first time. On a pleasant evening, when the city was not fully dark or not fully lit up, my first boyfriend Anish had gifted me a Maybelline Mascara! Seventeen is the time for many first things…first boyfriend, first tube of mascara and first heavy eyelids cause of crying! I was so happy with the gift that I started applying on my eyes right after buying. And Anish helped me doing so! My mascara coated eyes made him astonished. He said, “You look beautiful.”
Since then, mascara has become the inevitable unavoidable kit for my eyes.
Mom was really angry when she discovered mascara in my bag. She said, “You are still a child; you should not wear it now.” I said, “You are a grown up; still you never use it.” On that day, she scolded me a lot. I started hiding things from her.
I have spent hours looking my mascara coated eyelashes and thought “he would love me or not.” However, everything melts and wipes away after some time; and who doesn’t know that water makes mascara melt! Anish left the city for higher education. As a goodbye gift he had given me a Revlon mascara. I made my eyes more appealing with Covergirl mascara. My mascara rimmed eyes glazed many eyes. My fantasy for mascara didn’t fade away with his departure or with time. I cried a lot for him and covered my heavy eyelids with mascara so that no one knows what I did last night. I met someone who praised my fluffy eyes and messy look. Sometimes, a stranger comes into our lives to make us see ourselves in different light, in different eyes and different views. With time, he too bade a bye.
Today, I do wear mascara to make myself happy, not for someone to compliment. I too realized that men come and go, but mascara is forever. She is a genuine friend unlike men. When one says, “Mascara is like men, they run when you get little emotional”… I really get angry. Mascara can never be like men. And getting yourself a man who ruins mascara is not always a bad thing. You will cherish the memories and experiences. You will play and cry over the memories and one day you will get over it. Like a real queen you too will say, “I will not cry for you, my mascara is expensive.”