Dear nailpaints,
You come in small jars to give a dash of color in my life. I am in love with your appearance, colors, finishing and packaging. I never knew such small glass jars could bring so much happiness in my life. When I was too little to use nailpaints since then I am a fetishist of you. At my childhood I have mostly seen nailpaints in shades of red, pink, orange or violent. That generation hated weird colors on nails. As society never loved the idea of giving freedom to girls, nailpaints were strictly prohibited in school. It was really tough for a teenager who was completely in love with nailpaints.
Nailpaints had made my greish days brighter, dark days lighter with its appearance. It has taught me to fight against the Monday morning blues. Those tiny jars made me love myself, appreciate myself when no one is around or everyone has left. I have spent rainy days just playing with the brushes on my nails. I have spent my boring hours making weird designs on nails for the sake of nail art.
When I was on 11th standard, I only loved metallic shades and it was truly in vogue at that time. I had a box full of golden, silver, beige, off white, silvery pink nailpaints. Everyone wants to be a “dude” and painting your nails with metalized colors was a sporty way at that time. Actually those golden or silver colors gave me a little bit taste of freedom. I slowly started to know Hollywood gals and their blingy nails. Those nailpaints were a dash of sins in tiny bottles. I started hating red shades of nailpaints at that time. I still see people wearing red nailpaints and they are completely okay with it. I am sadly never okayed with the red nail polishes. Red nailpaints are like angels. And silver ones?? They have wings of sin; they desire to give you silver lining you deserve no matter how hard life hurts.
I also loved sparkler nailpaints. They too appear mostly in metallic shades and often in other colors too. Some love sparkling nails but my personal choice goes to solid colors.
Then the revolution of nail art started along with my college days. I can’t remember how many different types of nail arts I have seen at that time. From floral to geometric to checks to stripes to shades to stars to teddies…. Whatever exists in the world, people had included them in nail art.
Then all of a sudden, black nails started ruling as if the “age of devil” has come. People, irrespective of gender, started painting their nails with black nailpaints. Those were horrifying days. People thought their black nails as style statement while it looked like they have either dipped nails in ink or poured ink on nails.
Then we came to the age of fuchsia. The color God probably painted everything fuchsia along with our nails. Almost everyone started using nailpaints of this color. People have colored their dress to eyeshadow to lipsticks to ballerina to heart…. Everything. I loved this color a way too much. It gave me a weird feeling of living a purple life in tinsel town.
And now when I see people using five different colors in five fingers, I don’t get mad. Only one thing is constant in this life and that’s change. So fashion will keep changing along with our hearts. So whatever you don’t like today, you might like tomorrow. Don’t fret over today’s colors or decisions. Let time test it. Till then, keep painting your nails with the colors of your soul.

A simple gal

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Thinker, writer, poetess, dreamer, worshiper of creativity, film enthusiastic

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